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Michelle Thorstrom

WE GUARANTEE THESE ITEMS FOR LIFE!! (Your life, not the corset...)

I do my very very best to make these things indestructible, but sometimes where are little weak points, mishaps, or inner workings that cause issues. I would love to fix them for you to the best of my abilities!  ***IF I CANNOT FIX YOUR CORSET, WE WILL OFFER YOU STORE CREDIT FOR ANOTHER SIMILAR TYPE ITEM!***

My son Todd was showing me the knife he got yesterday and he proudly spoke about how the owner of the company offered a lifetime warrantee on the knife, saying that they would repair anything, no matter what happened. This man was absolutely standing behind his work!


I had been charging a fee for repairs, mostly just thinking, "Hey, my time is valuable and I don't want people to take advantage of my generosity."


I can see how that makes me seem sort of like an A-hole. I'm not thinking about THE CUSTOMER in this situation. If you are a customer, and you paid good money for a product that said it was quality, and then there IS still an issue, you have been let down and the trust has been weakened.


Corset Repairs

Listen, I love you, but I can only offer these on products that came from Damsel in this Dress. If you got a corset from another company, definitely see if they offer repairs! We can help in cases like: 

  • Boning has popped out of casing
  • Stitching is pulling out
  • Metal boning breaks

And of course, we also offer free repairs on skirts, blouses, hats, or any other bleeping thing you maybe have purchased from us! Give me the opportunity to make it right! 

IF the company is willing to do what it takes to make it right, then faith can be restored! If I am offering to fix these for free, them I'm putting money where my mouth is and I'm hopefully showing integrity. I know I can't please everyone (but the people pleaser in me still thinks I can!) but I'm really trying very hard to be the kind of company that my son would admire.


Anyhow, as always, if you need something repaired, the most helpful thing you can possibly do is to put a pin right in the corset where the problem is, make me a clear note for what needs done, and maybe be overly communicative, instead of hoping I will read your mind

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