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Frequently Asked Questions:


Questions on Custom Orders, Sizing, Alterations and Repairs:


Q: Do you take custom orders?/I have a costume drawing or photo, can you replicate this costume?

A: I used to LOVE taking custom orders, but as our company evolved, I realized that it was not the best way to serve our customers. In order to keep prices and wait times down, we've had to eliminate the custom order option so we can focus on giving the best service and quality possible for the price. 


Q: I got my corset and it doesn't fit. What do I do? 

A: Even after carefully measuring according to our instructions, and both of us doing our absolute best, sometimes the "fit" can still be off from what was expected. There are a ton of different little ways that this can go wrong, including a customer having a very unique shape compared to her waist measurement, a woman having a different level of comfort than our corsets allow, or even just measuring when she might be in a "fluffy" time of month. Luckily, we are ALWAYS willing to do alterations, listen to your needs, do exchanges, and make things right. The wonderful thing about this is that you ONLY have to figure it out one time, and after that, as long as you order the same size, possibly even getting the same alterations made to the current pattern, the fit should always be beautiful!


 Q: How can I ship a package (return, exchange, etc.) back to you without going to the Post Office?

A: STEP 1: Create a shipping label
Go to:
Sign into or sign up for a free account.
Fill out Create Label Form.
-Enter our address in “Where are you sending to?”
Damsel in this Dress, 1452 W Meadow Lane Mapleton, UT 84664
-Enter package weight as between 1-2 lbs.
Pay and print shipping label.
STEP 5: Schedule a Pickup
Go to:!input.action
Fill out the online form.
-In the Pickup Summary at the end of the form, enter 1-2 lbs for the weight of the package.
Use all the time you saved to do something awesome.