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Villain Capsule Wardrobe

Michelle Thorstrom

It's January, and you may feel that you have had a significant drop in your will to spread mayhem.  It can be really difficult to be a Villain, but Damsel in this Dress is HERE TO HELP with some playful tips and tricks to get you out of your slog and BACK onto your black, spiky THRONE!

Sister, we get it. Some days it is SO hard to strap on that high collar to let everyone know that you mean BUSINESS. Our Villainous Villainess Collars go off and on in a pinch. Let those nefarious deeds FLOW.

Keep them on their toes. Try something spiky one day, and then sickenly sweet the very next day. Your felonious and dastardly spirit it soon to return!

And let's  just be so honest with ourselves.   There WILL be days when you don't conquer and dominate your foes.  This happens to ALL of us.  We're all human…except for those of us who are she-demons, banshees, mermaids, harpies, fae, nymphs etc. 

Don't you think that there are also OTHER sisters out there who deeply understand and empathize with your situation? Perhaps now is the time to sit and profess your woes onto a scroll and send it out into flight with your evil cackling crow.  Remember, you cannot spell “Unscrupulous” without “US”. 

Damsel in this Dress will help you to make the "Winter of your Discontent" into the SPRING of your Scrofulousness!

Michelle and her team  have put together a lusciously dark, romantic, and dramatic collection for you, coming up January 18, 2024 for your viewing and purchasing pleasure!  This Hourglass Collection will release RIGHT here on the website at 7 PM Mountain Time upon that eve! 

So, whether your cackle has lost its crackle, your spike has lost its poke, or your iniquity has quit, we will be here to lace you into a corset, straighten your posture to its full intimidating length, and pump up your pestilence! 

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