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Baroque Romance

Michelle Thorstrom

In high school, I went through my "safety pins in everything" phase and I proudly caked my eyelids in thick black eyeliner.  You stick it to the man. 

And here, as a woman in my 30s, my little black goth heart still wants to shred my jeans and wear tall black leather boots. Is there some kind of mystical power held in these talismans of angst?

Why was I so desperate to break free and do the unexpected?

I suppose this is all part and parcel of being a tortured soul artist. If you are not in "creation mode" at LITERALLY all times, drawing, writing, crafting, painting, composing music.....then your default is MIS-creation. 

You end up creating all manner of imagined, fully fleshed out dramas and calamities that happen like a movie in your brain, and UNLESS you get them "out on paper" so to speak, I think that this creative spark must somehow be set ablaze on your INSIDE and start destroying your inner world. 

I can attest to the devastation that can be wrought upon a wild untamed mind.

And holy frick, sitting on our phones as CONSUMERS doesn't help as much either.  On some level, we are acknowledging that there are other  people out there expressing their emotions and working through them with art..... and there we are just sitting there, glassy eyed and scrolling. 

Yes, I understand this sounds ironic coming from a company who DOES, in fact, want you to um...."consume" my content and product, but I guess I can sleep well at night because I have seen so many of my corsets  spark that OUTWARD creation in my customers lives!  I see people put together insanely complex costumes with wonderful trinkets and personalizations that practically write novels for you as you behold them! 

My product is meant to get you OUT of your rut and INTO your playful era....your sparkling queen realm....your "Stepping into your POWER" domain.  I want that for you.  I know that the more and more of us that get into the creative flow, the more richness and adventure we will enjoy in this one precious life that we've been given. 

And yes, this is a preview of this week's coming goodies, but I AM HOPING that it can feel more than a bleeping sales pitch to you. How COULD you celebrate yourself and honor your Divine energy in the coming months? 

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