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Extra Hourglass Darts (NOT full alteration)

$ 50.00

*PLEASE, PLEASE don't order this if you are buying a corset and want to make the whole thing a smaller size!  THIS alteration is only for people who want a little more curve in RIGHT at the smallest point of the waist.  It will not make the whole corset a smaller size.  If you want an alteration for that, please carefully read through the descriptions and ask us if you have any questions!  

This is a FANTASTIC option for women who are maybe more “busty” up top, and then have a very small waist compared to their chest size. What we do in this alteration is that we ONLY take darts in the waist area. The hips and bust remain the same size. This has worked incredibly well for a lot of ladies who have tried on our corsets, and they like the fit of the next size up on the bust and hips, but want the waist to have more of a dramatic hourglass shape. If you are unsure about whether or not to get this alteration, please contact me at prior to ordering. It certainly does not work for everyone. I've met a lot of ladies who say they want a certain shape, but the structure of their bones, distance between their rib cage and hips, and density of muscles on waist DO NOT allow for a stronger hourglass curve. As a side note, expect to have slightly thicker inner seams in the alteration lines, which will only add to the stiffness and structure of the corset. You won't be able to tell that the corset has been altered from the outside view.



-Remember, this is an option that we offer as I'm always striving to get as customized of a fit as possible, without having to pay “custom prices”.

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