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Cropped Fae Corset w/ Sorceress Straps in Red & Black Grace Chenille #6 - The Ruby Gloom Collection

$ 89.00 $ 119.00

**These are shown with an attached collar, but those are sold separately.  These all include our standard Crossfire straps to hold them up, and other accessories like collars and hoods can be purchased separately. 

*This is our Cropped Vixen base pattern, but it's open through the back and has a flattering little point in the center back.  Because these fit around the rib cage, and that is ridiculously hard to measure considering it changes to much with your breath, we encourage you to measure around the smallest part of your WAIST and use that as an indication of which size will work. (All my patterns are based off of each other, and I know how they interlock. Trust me!) 

*When in doubt on size, always go up a size, since this layers over the other corset. 


Size Chart
Sizes of Corset Waist"/Size of Cropped Fae overlaps and fits best
22, 23, 24/Size XS
25, 26, 27/Size S
28, 29, 30/Size M
31, 32, 33/Size M/L
34, 35, 36/Size L
37, 38, 39/Size L/XL
40, 41, 42, 43/Size XL

43, 44, 45/Size XXL

*Corset and Skirt Sold Separately

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