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Mystery Bag


Four levels of Mystery Bag with an option of Overbust or Underbust in each of those levels, plus 1 additional, non-corset, Mystery Bag.

-Level 1 Mystery Bags will include one corset in the size of your choice.  (Starts Nov. 27th at 10AM MT.)

-Level 2 a corset and another accessory.  The Cropped Overbust option guarantees a cropped overbust piece and an underbust piece for it to layer over.  (Starts Nov. 27th at 9AM MT.)

-Level 3 will feature more of a put together outfit with 2 or more extra items  (Starts Nov. 27th at 8AM MT.)

-Level 4 will be another outfit featuring a tailed or peplum piece with 2 or more extra items  (Starts Nov. 27th at 7AM MT.)

-There will also be a Men's Vest Mystery Bag  (Starts Nov. 27th at 10AM MT.)

So you will choose a Level, Over or Underbust, and the Size for each Mystery Bag you order. The color and style will be the mystery, and that is where the magic happens!

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