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Mystery Bag Event

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Mystery Bag Event 2022


*NOVEMBER 17TH & 25TH (to give my amazing customers more opportunity to participate!)

*11/17 is an “EARLY BIRD” where you will get the first dibs on the mystery sets we have available. However, the entire inventory is split evenly between the two dates. 

*We have everything pre-packaged in corset & costume sets and we will split the inventory in half between the two dates.


We take any inventory that is:

*limited sizes left *discontinued fabrics * rare fabrics *exclusive releases, *occasional as-is items

and we combine a corset along with coordinating skirts, blouses, vests, cropped pieces, cloaks, hats, pouches & other accessories!!

The AMOUNT of extra items you get ALONG with your corset determines the “LEVEL” of Mystery Bag that you purchase.



Right here on this very webpage!

Fine Print:

*This year we DO allow color and style requests, as long as you understand that we might only have 2 or 3 Mystery Bags available in your specific size and level. No guarantees!!

*ALL SALES FINAL. No returns. Alterations can be made after you receive your items if you need fitting help, but those must be paid for.

*If you order a Mystery Bag and need it altered, it will delay shipping for at least 2 weeks. Alterations must be paid for.


Level 1 Underbust $69 (*retail $109-$259)

1 Underbust corset in your size ordered

Level 1 Overbust $119 (*retail $199-299)

1 Overbust Corset in size ordered


*NEW!* Level 1 Cropped Overbust $69 (*retail $129-259)

1 Cropped Overbust Corset/ **MUST MEASURE BY BUST, NOT WAIST!!**

Level 2 Underbust $139 (*retail $189-359)

1 Underbust corset +1 other costume item

Level 2 Overbust $199 (*retail $300-$459)

1 Overbust corset +1 other costume item

Level 3 Underbust $275 (*retail $300-$550)

1 Underbust corset + 2-3 other costume pieces

Level 3 Overbust $299 (*retail $400-$600)

1 Overbust corset + 2-3 other costume pieces

Level 4 Underbust $329 (*retail $500-$800)

1 Underbust deluxe style corset with big ruffles, flounces or coat tails + 2-3 other costume pieces

Level 4 Overbust $399 (*retail $600-$1000)

1 Overbust deluxe style corset with big ruffles, flounces or coat tails + 2-3 other costume pieces


***NO MEN'S VEST this year (sorry, we literally sold them all.)

Mystery Bag FAQ:

Q:Can I make color/style requests?

A: Yes, this year I'm glad to allow it! It does take a bit longer for us and cause a lot more stress when packing, but we will try our VERY best to accommodate. Keep in mind I might only have 2 or 3 available in your size and level preference. No guarantees. And you MUST LEAVE the request note in the “notes” field at checkout for it to be honored. No emails afterwards will be honored.

Q: Men's vests this year?

A: Nope, they are so popular that we sold them all! This is a sale for “leftover” type of items.

Q:What if I don't like what I get?

A: Since we don't allow returns, I would suggest you sell it on ebay. Heck, I have seen people make a lot of money be buying it cheap from me and re-selling it. And just to brag a little here, I've seen items that I made 10-15 years ago sell for MORE than I originally sold them for. USED!

Q: How many slightly flawed or as-is items should we expect?

A: Um. Maybe like 3 total, and they always go into level 1.

Q:What if I forgot to leave my requests in the notes at checkout?

A: Listen, friends, we are a very small company with like 2 people on shipping, because that's all we need. For something so vast and complicated, where we spend hours separating out invoices according to levels and weight and size, if we THEN have to go in and hand-write little notes on each invoice about what each customer requested, I would just quit the whole she-bang. If it's there at checkout, it prints on the invoice. Emails afterwards can't be honored.