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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

$50 BIN SALE-Normally $109-Wench Corset in Neapolitan Stripe

$ 50.00 $ 109.00

*This is the most revised, most refined, longest living corset pattern in my shop! I have poured countless hours of thought, sewing, real live market testing, and proto-typing into this simple, classic underbust corset! It universally fits and flatters almost every shape, and it's truly sensational as a layering piece, a corset to wear with muggle clothing, and a piece that will stand the test of time and keep going and going!

*Please keep in mind that if we don't have the exact size you want for your waist, I DO offer alterations on all of my products. You can find the different types in our "Alterations and Repairs" section.   We can only alter things DOWN, not up, but it can be very handy! This allows you to customize the fit for YOUR body without the custom order price or the custom order time wait of 6-8 weeks. What a wonderful bonus that sets up apart from other companies!! 


*We give a size measurement "range" because we know that these have a little bit of wiggle room as far as fit. The lower number on the range is the measurement of the actual corset itself, pulled taut like it would be on a body. The other numbers allow for a gap in the lacings.  *(e.g. a 32-34" would measure 32 inches and have a 1 inch gap on a 33 waist and a 2 inch gap on a 34 waist!)

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