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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Wench Corset Cream Dream - RB2

$ 89.00

Wench Corsets:

This is the corset for anyone who needs massive versatility! It is easy to fit and flatter on both tall and short women! It's curves hit in all the right places, thanks to my years of revisions, customer suggestions, and laying awake at night praying for guidance from the Corset Gods.  These are sensational even under cosplay outfits, prom dresses, and historical era pieces that need a foundation garment. The curves under the breasts push them up and make them look perky, without pinching. If you get the right size, it should be comfortable, supportive, and even help with back support and posture! 

Built With:  *7 Pieces of boning, including European made Spring Steel and our Signature Rubber Capped Fiberglass Rods!*  *2-3 layers of upholstery fabric on all points of the corset!   *Extra little layers of upholstery fabric sewn in at the ends of all the boning channels!   *Marine-Grade large grommets with washers to cling to the fabric with all their might!!  **Extra Heavy Duty Thread....the kind used to sew together sails and tents. 


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