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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Vixen Corset with Hipster Panels in Gingerbread Plaid

$ 129.00 $ 169.00

*WAIST: measure at the very smallest point, a little above the belly button, holding the measuring tape super tightly!
*BUST: Measure around the fullest part of your chest, as snugly as you would like the top of the corset to fit.

*This is a NEW style we have! I've got cuts of crocodile faux leather on the hips, trimmed out by metal post buttons. It's an homage to beautiful shoes and handbags, and this detailing is SERIOUSLY slimming. Because of how the pieces are placed, it makes the waist look smaller and exaggerates the hourglass shape.

*The Vixen features a true "S curve" style hourglass shape, with curving long length that comes down over the hips and smooths them out while flattening the belly. It has adjustable shoulder straps that provide amazing support to the bomosage area, and a dashing collar that can be flipped up or down. The underbust cut of this pattern has been refined, and fits beautifully around the bottom curve of bras.

The Vixen pattern is still one of our very best selling patterns, year after year, both at festivals AND online. I feel like I partially vaguely deserve this, because the dang pattern has been tweaked, altered, and improved so many times that it hardly resembles the first ones I made 7 years ago. Yet, think about it! SEVEN entire years of talking to customers, listening to comments, complaints, critisisms, and compliments, and taking this knowledge to perfect a pattern. You can have the greatest raw materials and machinery in the world, but if you don't have a well-fitted pattern, you have nothing. Other companies can copy us (I truly wish they would be creative for themselves and see what comes forth!) but they can't copy my experience and true expertise here. It's amazing what you can learn when you just LISTEN to the people supporting you and buying your product.

*THIS DOES NOT include the blouse or skirt, but they can be purchased separately in my shop.

*If you're going for a very straight-lined look with these corsets, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing this option with your order:

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