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Vixen Corset *Collarless* in Abbey Road Paisley - The Yesterday Collection

$ 159.00

Vixen Corsets:

*The Vixen Corset is one of our best selling pieces, year after year. Ladies like it because the straps provide some SERIOUS "lift" to the chest area, the full back smooths out all of"bulges" that we sometimes tend to have in back, and the collar is really flattering to lots of face shapes (keep in mind, it can be worn up or folded down). This pattern is one of the ones in my company that has been refined the most, trying it on thousands of women, taking their fitting advice and questions, and then re-shaping it for a better fit. You will really notice it! ;) 


*Boned in 7 places with our signature fiberglass rods and super rigid spring steel from Europe. (We keep these at a very affordable base price, but if you like a lot more of a corseted feel and absolutely perfectly smooth fabric, I would recommend getting extra front boning. We already include extra back boning for free.  Anyhow, That's what I do for all of my corsets, and it works wonders. The only reason I don't do it as a standard pattern is because it does make the piece more pricey, and some women don't like that much boning. Just a recommendation. ;)    *Curving hourglass lines and a more "vest style" appearance.  *long lines to flatten the lower tummy and give amazing posture and support! 

*THIS CORSET WILL FIT the waist measurement stated in the title. The smaller measurement is what the corset itself measures, and would come completely closed for a waist that size. The two extra inches allow for having a gap in the lacings. 

*WAIST: measure at the very smallest point, a little above the belly button, holding the measuring tape super tightly!

*THIS DOES NOT include the blouse or skirt, but they can be purchased separately in my shop.

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