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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Turquoise & Black Damask Ringleader Cropped Jacket - RA2

$ 159.00

These jackets will be perfect for your circusy- adventure-y dress-up-y life! Based around the our Sgt. Pepper Vest pattern, they have long, cuffed Buccaneer sleeves, a curving elegant collar, and a clasp in the front to keep them in place! These are very lightweight jackets, from two layers of taffeta. These pieces are great for a costume layer, but not for warmth, if you're thinking that you want to take them on an Alaskan adventure.

The sleeve length is 24 inches long on the Smalls and Mediums, and 25” on the sizes up from there. The sleeve upper circumference measures 14” on the XS and S, 16” on the M, 18” on the Large, 21” on the XL, and 22” on the XXL. I recognize that some of you are blessed with long arms, so if you want the sleeve length to appear longer, we have a lovely ADD-ON Lace Option available that you can purchase alongside the coat, and I can either sew a layer of long lace right onto the cuff, OR just make you a fun little elastic cuff with lace to give you the length.

Jacket Size Chart:
XS-Corset Size of 22 to 25"/women's size 2, 4
S-Corset Size of 26 to 28"/women's size 4, 6, 8
M-Corset Size of 29 to 32"/women's size 10, 12
L-Corset Size of 33 to 36"/women's size 14, 16
XL-Corset size of 37 to 40"/women's size 18, 20
XXL-Corset size of 41 to 44”/women's size 22, 24, 26

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