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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Treasure Map Voyager Corset

$ 189.00

Voyager Corset

-These lovely corsets have beautifully curving lines, a magically enhancing underbust shape, super adjustable shoulder straps (that adjust side to side and up and down) and edgy foldover button-down collars that make them really cute for steampunk or pirate wear. If you buy them and wear them, you will be so captivating that you will cast spells on all those who encounter you, and you'll most likely be given free gifts, money, food, and love. (results may vary.)


*Our Archer Corset Features 9 pieces of super steel boning, beautiful hourglass shaping, intricate collar, and an adjustable back lacing detail that makes it exquisite and intimidating!

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