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Torian Corset in Hobbiton Floral #27 - The Ivy & Oak Collection

$ 99.00 $ 149.00

*Short for "Victorian", this long line, dramatically curved corset is marvelous for tummy flattening and lower back support.  Metal bones are the same length on the sides and back as all of our other  patterns! (In fact, even though it looks exactly like our Wench corset, the length is the main difference between the patterns. The Wench is our only "shorter pattern")

*Boned in 7 places with double-thickness spring steel boning AND our signature Fiberglass Rod Busks in the front.  *Intense gripping, larger size, 2 sided grommets  *industrial strength marine thread  *extra reinforcement tabs on inside of corset at the end of all pieces of boning! (less poke through!)

*To measure! Pull soft measuring tape AS TIGHTLY as possible around smallest part of your waist (usually right above navel). This tells us how much "squish" your body has! Use THAT number to order!

*We measure our corsets by pulling them taut like they would be on the body. We allow for a 2" gap in the lacings (e.g. a 32-34" size actually measures 32". It would fit a 33" waist with a 1" gap and a 34" waist with a 2" gap in the lacings.)

*Our Corsets are GREAT for - Renaissance Festivals and Faires  -Community Theatre Production -Pirate Events - Weddings -Halloween Costumes  -Medieval Faires - Witch Gatherings - Reenactment -Music Festivals -Faerie / Fairy Festivals - Oktoberfest Dirndl Styles - Costume Parties -  Dickens Christmas Events  - Mad Max Wasteland Events  -Burning Man  - Lightning in a Bottle  -Coachella - Plus Size Customers  -Temporary Waist Reduction -Back Support (*obviously no medical claims made)

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