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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Peplum Ruffle Courtier in Crimson and Black Medallion

$ 379.00 $ 459.00

*When measuring! Measure your high waist, usually above the belly button or around the smallest  part. Hold measuring tape as snug as possible, and that gives you an idea of how much "squish" your own unique shape has! (However, if you know for a fact that you are blessed either in the bust area or the hips area, I always recommend adding an inch to this squeezed tight size. We want everything to fit everywhere!)

* Keep in mind that our corsets some in size "ranges"! When we say that a corset will fit a 35-37" waist, for example, this means that the ACTUAL corset itself measures 35 inches when pulled taut. However, you could also wear that 35" if you had a 36" or a 37" waist, it would just have a small gap in the lacings!

The base of this cloak/Corset is our Courtier pattern, with adjustable shoulder straps, long, curving lines that are universally flattering to many shapes of women, and sturdy boning to hold your body in place exactly where you dream! (You know...that whole, flat tummy, perky chest, great posture, strong shoulders thing? Yeah. Here you go. You're welcome.)  This has a sweetheart neckline, a dashing little collar, and curve-hugging magic everywhere!

*Boned in front with our Signature rubber-dipped Fiberglass Rods  *Sewn with extra heavy duty tarp thread  *Spring Steel boning that is extra thickness and rigidity imported from Europe  *Reinforced on seams with extra piece of upholstery  *Has an extra layer of upholstery adhered with industrial grade adhesive to the underside and sandwiched into where the grommets are placed, for extra strength and protection against grommets EVER pulling out! 

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