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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Pearl Damask Courtier Corset - RH2

$ 99.00 $ 225.00

-This Corset features a beautiful shaping sweetheart neckline, adjustable shoulder straps, a dashing little collar that can stand up or be folded down, and winding, hourglass lines. It has wonderful “supportive” powers for larger chested women, but also works cleanly for all shapes of women, as corsets are meant to “reshape” the body you have. As with all of our overbust corsets, it was designed to be worn over a bra, making it so you can wear your normal support, and this fits cleanly over it. Since our corsets don't have bras built into them, I've always felt that it's better to have a proper initial shape and support, and then wear a bodice along with it.


-Boned in 11 places, this thing is sturdy enough to last through nuclear warfare but still comfortable enough that I have lots of my customers telling me how they've worn them for 16 hour days, and all they felt was support and comfort. Heck yes!! Just a side note  here, we have started upgrading this corset to ALL of them having the extra back boning. The price has only gone up a tiny bit, but you're getting tons more bang for your buck! 


 **Corset will fit up to two inches above size measurement. We measure our corsets by pulling them taut, like they would be on a body, and measuring from center grommet to center grommet, at the smallest part of the waist.  (e.g. "26" will fit up to a 28" waist) Bust Measurement is about 10" larger than the waist measurement. 

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