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Peacock-Tailed Vixen in Hobbiton Floral #15 - The Ivy & Oak Collection

$ 299.00

*When measuring! Measure your high waist, usually above the belly button or around the smallest  part. Hold measuring tape as snug as possible, and that gives you an idea of how much "squish" your own unique shape has! (However, if you know for a fact that you are blessed either in the bust area or the hips area, I always recommend adding an inch to this squeezed tight size. We want everything to fit everywhere!)

* Keep in mind that our corsets some in size "ranges"! When we say that a corset will fit a 35-37" waist, for example, this means that the ACTUAL corset itself measures 35 inches when pulled taut. However, you could also wear that 35" if you had a 36" or a 37" waist, it would just have a small gap in the lacings!

*The Vixen features a true “S curve” style hourglass shape, with curving long length that comes down over the hips and smooths them out while flattening the belly. It has adjustable shoulder straps that provide amazing support to the bomosage area, and a dashing collar that can be flipped up or down. The underbust cut of this pattern has been refined, and fits beautifully around the bottom curve of bras.

*This version has "Peacock" tails which start at the knee in the front and curve down to the ankles in the back. The split coat-tails are smoothing and flattering, and these special ones have pockets running the whole length of the tail in the front!! That's roughly a 17 inch deep pocket. Yes, please! 

*Beyond stunning Corseted, Tailed Pieces. Regal. Romantic. Unrivaled.

*THIS DOES NOT include the blouse or skirt, or sleeves but they can be purchased separately in my shop.

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