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Over-Archer Corset in Navy Blue Fortitude Floral #13 - The Patriot Picnic Collection

$ 249.00

*Corset are measured by pulling them taut and measuring along the smallest part of the "hourglass curve". The smaller measurement is the corset measurement itself, and then we allow for up to a 2 inch gap. 

*Our Over Archer Corset Features 9 pieces of super steel boning, beautiful hourglass shaping, intricate lapel collar, and an adjustable back lacing detail that makes it exquisite and intimidating!  The lacing up the back makes it ESPECIALLY good for ladies who need specialized sizing through the shoulders, because they can be adjusted up and down AND side to side!

*This is our NEWEST pattern with the extra thick 1/2" wide boning down the side back pieces, for extra back support and smooth shaping! 

*To measure your own waist, be sure to hold the measuring tape as tightly as possible around the smallest part of your waist. If you want the corset to completely close, order your exact measurement size (e.g. if you measure 25, order a 25-27.) If you want a gap in the lacings, order an inch or two down (e.g. You measure 25, but order a 24-26).


Waist-Correlating Bust

23, 24/Bust 31-33

25, 26/Bust 33-35

27, 28/Bust 35-37

29, 30/Bust 37-39

31, 32, 33/Bust 39-41

34, 35/Bust 42-45

36, 37,38 /Bust 45-47

39, 40/Bust 47-49

41, 42, 42/Bust 49-53


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