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Mystery Skirt Spring Event- Normal Retail Prices from $99 to $199!

Mystery Skirt Spring Event- Normal Retail Prices from $99 to $199!

$ 75.00 $ 199.00

This is a MYSTERY Skirt Sale!  This is for the adventurous soul!  This is for someone who is excited to get a brand new quality costume piece and allow it to inspire NEW IDEAS and looks!  

This is NOT for you if you think, "Oh, I would love that, but I really need a periwinkle skirt with 7 red ruffles and a badger embroidered onto it.  I will put that in the comments and Michelle will make sure to pack ONLY that one for me regardless of whether or not she has ever made something like that or if there was someone before me that requested the exact same skirt."   *cough* 

I would also like to say that, at this price, we are only barely covering the cost of the raw materials. We aren't getting paid anything for cutting, sewing, packaging, marketing, tagging, or ANY of the business stuff.  

DRAWSTRING SKIRTS might include:

-Tulip Skirts, Salsa Skirts, Split Front Overskirts, Swagger Skirts

Elastic Waist Skirts come in TWO sizes S/M (lower waist of 29 to 38) or a L/XL (lower waist of 39 to 53"  and they could include:

-Fairy Skirts, Patchwork Fairy Skirts, Salsa Skirts, Crescent Skirts

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