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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Flowing Ebony Torian Corset - RB2

$ 99.00 $ 119.00

*To measure your waist, always take a measuring tape and pull it around the very smallest part of your waist, usually right above the belly button. Hold it very snugly to get the very best fit. Trust me.

*For the sizing on these corsets,the smaller end of the measurement is what the corset itself measures, and would come completely closed for a waist that size. **We pull them taut to measure them, like they would be on a body!** We allow for up to a two inch gap in the lacings, which accounts for the larger measurement increments. (e.g. a 32-34" size would measure 32 inches, but it would fit a 33 waist with a one inch gap and a 34 inch with a two inch gap.)

*The Torian Corset is a longer length underbust than our Wench, with 12" long boning on the sides, and 15" long in the back. It's beautiful shaping lines have made it an absolute favorite among our customers.  I wear the POTTY WORDS out of these things. I have probably about 15 of them in my own costume wardrobe, and I pair them with everything under the sun. They work great for me, because I'm  longer bodied, but I've tried them on little dainty "fun-size" women, and they work great as well! 

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