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Detachable Peplum Ruffle in Freakshow Jacquard - The Crackerjack Surprise Collection

$ 159.00

Detachable Peplum Ruffle:

These are the newest edition of our detachable peplums, new and improved with your input! Made from circular cut ruffles (which take twice the amount of fabric as normal, gathered ruffles, but they give it that lovely flared, flounced shape that swishes and moves beautifully!) out of our most expensive fabrics, these babies instantly make your corsets look like more of a “coat” piece. I personally love them because they pair beautifully with leggings, which is what I already wear with my corsets (for me, I'm stuck in a tight-quarters booth at renaissance festivals, and skirts get caught on everything. ).

Our previous version was made out of one huge circular ruffle, and we've added two more coming out of the sides of the previous version, resulting in a ruffle that comes around the waist a lot further. Our older ones generally just sat in the middle back, right over the bum, but these ones come around to the front, measuring about 25” along the gathered top, rather than the previous 15”.

These ones are set onto a ribbon waistband. You've got to have them tie around in the front, because these are heavy enough that they will pull your waistband down in the back if they're only secured back there. The front tie helps them distribute the weight. I just tie it in front and tuck the extra into my skirt or up into my corset, after I tie that on over the ruffle.

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