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Damsel Corset in Sir Kay's Castle

$ 179.00 $ 209.00

 This is our "Damsel" Corset, and its our most classicly styled "Renaissance Wench" Faire bodice.  It has lower cut demi-cup fit through the bust, making it wonderful for lots of different bosom-y shapes and sizes.  One smaller cup sizes, it will have medium coverage and lift, and on DD+ it will be demi cup and mostly give lift on the bottom half. 


This is boned in 9 places, using all of our standard built-to-withstand-nuclear-warfare boning, grommets, thick thread, and reinforced seams and stitches GALORE!


Keep in mind that we have waist "range" sizes in our corsets.  The smaller number is the measurement of the corset itself, pulled TAUT, like it would be on your body (*accuracy!*). Then we allow for a 2 inch gap in the lacings. (e.g. a 35-37" waist corset will fit a TIGHT waist measurement of 35" completely closed.  A 37 inch waist would have a 2 inch gap.)

Please keep the following size chart in mind. This will help with knowing what size is best for your shape. If you are abundantly blessed up top, then you want to go with a bigger waist size than you normally would, to make sure you accommodate for that. As with all of our pieces, we can make little tucks, seams, and alterations on a product we have already made to CUSTOM fit it to your shape.  Those must be purchased in the alterations section and you can remember that the more info you include, the better of a fit you can get. 

Waist Sizes/ Bust Range
-24 or 25”/31-33”
-26 or 27”/34-36”
-28 or 29”/36-38”
-30, 31 or 32”/39-41”
-33, 34 or 35”/42-46”
-36, 37 or 38”/47-50”
39, 40 or 41”/50-54”
42, 43, or 44”/55-57”
45, 46, or 47”/58-60”
48, 49, or 50”/61-64”


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