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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Damsel Corset in Black Matte Chenille

$ 189.00

*When measuring! Measure your high waist, usually above the belly button or around the smallest  part. Hold measuring tape as snug as possible, and that gives you an idea of how much "squish" your own unique shape has! (However, if you know for a fact that you are blessed either in the bust area or the hips area, I always recommend adding an inch to this squeezed tight size. We want everything to fit everywhere!)

* Keep in mind that our corsets some in size "ranges"! When we say that a corset will fit a 35-37" waist, for example, this means that the ACTUAL corset itself measures 35 inches when pulled taut. However, you could also wear that 35" if you had a 36" or a 37" waist, it would just have a small gap in the lacings!

-Overbust measurement chart:

For waists of these sizes, this is the general range of bust measurement (not bra size!) they will fit! Remember, if your chest measurement is larger, you will probably STILL be fine, just have a little bit more lift and cleavage than other gals. It's still generally best to go by waist size, maybe adding an inch if you are especially blessed up top.

Waist Sizes/ Bust Range

-24 or 25”/31-33”

-26 or 27”/34-36”

-28 or 29”/36-38”

-30, 31 or 32”/39-41”

-33, 34 or 35”/42-46”

-36, 37 or 38”/47-50”

39, 40 or 41”/50-54”

42, 43, or 44”/55-57”

45, 46, or 47”/58-60”

48, 49, or 50”/61-64”



-This Corset is a reworked version of a piece that I had done previously in the past. It was made specifically to work better at Renaissance Festivals where they demand that the “styles” of bodice worn are more historically correct. Even though this is not technically “period” (Holy night, NOTHING is!) it is a lot closer than more of our other edgier patterns!


-It has a beautifully shaped square neckline and the boning and shaping in the front only comes about halfway up the breasts. It DOES work on larger and smaller cup sizes equally, because the neckline is doing more of a “shaping & pressing upward” rather than a “cupping”. The straps anchor in the center back and are very adjustable for different heights and shoulder widths.


Features: *Fiberglass Rod Boning in the front *9 different boning points with European spring steel boning for extra rigidity. *2-3 layers of upholstery fabric at all points. *Stitched with heavy jeans thread *2-layer, military-grade brass grommets *Extra upholstery squares sewn into ends of all boning channels, so boning won't poke through.


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