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Cropped Vixen w/ Peplum Ruffle in Candy Pink Velvet #7 - The Fruit Salad Collection

$ 229.00

*This is the cropped version of our Vixen Corset, and the awesome thing about it is that even though it's little, it STILL have metal boning in the sides and smaller fiberglass rods up the front to add lift and support to your chest and to make the garment keep its shape!  This style features a long, cascading peplum ruffle coming out of the back! 

  * We are assuming that you will be layering this over other corsets.  However, if you are going to be wearing it alone, you would still go with your corset waist measurement (e.g. If you measured a 30" at the smallest part of your waist with the measuring tape pulled very tightly, you would order a size M and it will fit beautifully!)  If you are unsure, I always recommend going a size up! 

Cropped Vixen Size Chart
Sizes of Corset Waist"/Size of Cropped Vixen overlaps and fits best
22, 23, 24/Size XS
25, 26, 27/Size S
28, 29, 30/Size M
31, 32, 33/Size M/L
34, 35, 36/Size L
37, 38, 39/Size L/XL
40, 41, 42, 43/Size XL

43, 44, 45/Size XXL

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