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Cropped Vixen in Weeping Willows Chenille with D-Ring Add-Ons Included

$ 109.00

 These are gorgeous to layer over other corsets or even just wear by themselves! This is our Vixen pattern but in a cropped style that comes down to about the bottom of the rib cage.  It could work beautifully in belly dance costumes and even for maternity, if you need something that doesn't compress the belly! 

Cropped Vixen Size Chart
Sizes of Corset Waist"/Size of Cropped Vixen overlaps and fits best
22, 23, 24/Size XS
25, 26, 27/Size S
28, 29, 30/Size M
31, 32, 33/Size M/L
34, 35, 36/Size L
37, 38, 39/Size L/XL
40, 41, 42, 43/Size XL
43, 44, 45/Size XXL

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