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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Wench Corset with Limited Edition Skelewags Front Panel

$ 149.00


*These take an enormous amount of work because we take this thinner cotton and use industrial adhesive to carefully glue it to an extra layer of upholstery fabric. This gives it the same durability and strength that all of our other normal corsets have, but holy HECK does it take a lot of extra time!  This particular fabric is one of our most beloved that we have ever had, but I am having a lot of trouble finding it anywhere as it is discontinued from the manufacturer! This may be the very last batch unless a pirate miracle happens!! 

 *THIS CORSET WILL FIT the waist measurement range, but you will want to note that the smaller measurement is what the corset itself measures, and would come completely closed for a waist that size. The two extra inches allow for having a gap in the lacings. (e.g. if you are a 28 inch waist and you buy a 26-28, you will have a two inch gap in the lacings, because the actual corset is 26 inches.)

*Our Wench Corset is the product that started my whole company! It has been through the most pattern revisions (all based on customer suggestions, inspiration, and my own experience!), has had the best success in fitting different body shapes, and has sold more than any other product we carry. It is so easy to throw together with ANY costume and super-charge the BLEEP out of it! 

*Made with strongly curving side seams, extra back boning, gentle shaping darts along the back waistline, and super thick boning everywhere, these corsets can just take a beating over and over and will still look brand new years later. 

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