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Black Medallion Dandy Tailed Vest - RF2

$ 189.00 $ 239.00

*does not include corset underneath. Those are sold separately. Also, sizes are BUST measurements, not waist.*
Dandy Tailed Vest:

*I have taken my Empire Tailed Vest pattern and made some slight modifications, including some lovely crisp lapels and a single grommet to fasten the vest in the front. There is no boning along the front, and as crazy as it sounds, I think I'm getting a much better fit with this change. It makes it tons easier to fit different shapes of breasts, as the other style with more lacing can tend to squash ladies.  I wanted these to fit slightly looser, more like a vest, but I'm positive you all will be happy with the results! 

On Fitting:
To get the best fit, please watch our video on measuring your bustline for these corsets. Also-
The sizes that measure 38" around the bust and BELOW are better suited for cup sizes A-C, and for a  39" bust or more, they fit C cup and up.  If you are a gal that is plus size with an A or B cup size, feel free to email me and we will figure out what will fit best, because your rib cage is going to affect the fit a bit differently. It's incredibly important to look at our size chart of what sizes layer cleanly over other corsets and take that carefully into consideration. Sometimes when someone has a very large rib cage, it's better to go up slightly on the size, rather than down. 

Corresponding Bust-Waist Measurement:
33, 34, 35”/25, 26”
36, 37, 38,”/27, 28, 29”
39, 40, 41”/30, 31, 32, 33”
42, 43, 44”/34, 35, 36”
45, 46”/36, 37, 38”
47, 48”/39, 40, 41”
49, 50, 51, 52”/42, 43, 44”

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