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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Black Grace Dashing Duchess Corset

$ 99.00 $ 199.00

*Note* These are on sale because there is only one batch of them. However, this design was VERY favored the last time we did a batch of them! I suggest you try it. It just might change your life!! 

*THIS CORSET WILL FIT the waist measurement stated in the title. The smaller measurement is what the corset itself measures, and would come completely closed for a waist that size. The two extra inches allow for having a gap in the lacings.

*The Duchess Corset features a pretty curving neckline that goes up over the breasts. It features: *9 points of boning, with EXTRA sturdy boning in the side back channels, for more back support and smooth shaping. *Long lines for beautiful shaping and lengthening of body. The shoulder straps on this one are marvelous, because they can adjust up and down AND side to side, for a very customized fit up through the back. 

Waist-Correlating Bust

23, 24/Bust 31-33

25, 26/Bust 33-35

27, 28/Bust 35-37

29, 30/Bust 37-39

31, 32, 33/Bust 39-41

34, 35/Bust 42-45

36, 37,38 /Bust 45-47

39, 40/Bust 47-49

41, 42, 42/Bust 49-53

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