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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Adjustable Cropped Vest Aqua with Embroidered Floral Skull Patch - RG1

$ 79.00

*These cropped vests are a special batch because I am trying out a more adjustable, customizable approach for the fit! We grommeted both sides of the vest on the underarms so that you can easily loosen the ribbons and make the vest fit up to 2 sizes larger, if needed! This is also good for those of you who may have long arms but narrow shoulders, OR for those of you who have a hard time bending your arms back to get a vest onto your beautiful shape! ;)

*With that being said, we still have a general size chart, for a better width across the shoulders and back. This just makes it a lot easier to figure out what would work for you!

*These are lovingly decorated with rich embroidery and patches to give them character and fun! It's a delightful way to add some more bang to your costume! 

Vest Size Chart:
XS-Corset Size of 22 to 25"/women's size 2, 4
S-Corset Size of 26 to 28"/women's size 4, 6, 8
M-Corset Size of 29 to 32"/women's size 10, 12
L-Corset Size of 33 to 36"/women's size 14, 16
XL-Corset size of 37 to 40"/women's size 18, 20
XXL-Corset size of 41 to 44”/women's size 22, 24, 26

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