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Wench Corset in Zippity Doo Dah Blue Velvet #47 - The Fruit Salad Collection

$ 129.00

*This is the most revised, most refined, longest living corset pattern in my shop! I have poured countless hours of thought, sewing, real live market testing, and proto-typing into this simple, classic underbust corset! It universally fits and flatters almost every shape, and it's truly sensational as a layering piece, a corset to wear with muggle clothing, and a piece that will stand the test of time and keep going and going!

*ALL of our corsets are built with 1/4" thick rounded rubber-dipped fiberglass rods as the front busk boning! They are stitched with marine upholstery thread, grommeted with double sided military grade grommets, reinforced on all seams with extra upholstery edges, and boned with the BEST steel boning I could find (shipped all the way from Europe, to Canada, to US!). 

*Our Corsets are offered in a size "range" because we allow for a little bit of movement and gaps in the lacings.  However, when we measure the corsets, we pull them taut, like they would be on a body, and measure as accurately as possible on the smallest curve of the waist.  The smaller end of the measurement range is the size of the corset itself.  The upper two inches in the range are allowing for gaps in the lacings. (e.g.  a corset that says it will fit a 31-33" waist actually MEASURES 31" and would come fully closed on that measurement of waist.)

*To measure yourself, get a soft measuring tape, pull up your shirt, and hold it VERY tightly around the smallest part of your waist, usually above the belly button. We are trying to see how much YOU and your unique shape can "squish down".  That is the measurement we use for our corsets.  I, myself, measure at a tight 28. If I bought a size 28-30", it would come closed on me.  I usually wear a 26-28" waist when I model the corsets.

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