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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Hooded Vixen in Red and Black Medallion

$ 199.00
Our Hooded Vixen Corset is for Renaissance Festival goers, LARPers, reenactors, cosplayers, and anyone who places high value on craftsmanship, fit, appeal, and expensive luxurious fabric (because that's what I hecking use!!) Our pieces are a hybrid breed of a Renaissance Bodice and a corset, so you get the best of both worlds. Our fit was created from hundreds of thousands of hours of revisions, trying on customers, getting feedback, and serving our fans! There is a good reason we have such a wonderful reputation in the fun genres in which we inhabit!

*THIS CORSET WILL FIT up to two inches larger than the actual size of the waist measurement! e.g. if you have a 32 waist and purchase a 32 corset, it will come completely closed on you. However, if you were a 34 waist and purchased a 32 waist corset, it would have a two inch gap.

*WAIST: measure at the very smallest point, a little above the belly button, holding the measuring tape super tightly!
*BUST(if needed for the Overbust Corsets): Measure around the fullest part of your chest, as snugly as you would like the top of the corset to fit.

*The Vixen features a true “S curve” style hourglass shape, with curving long length that comes down over the hips and smooths them out while flattening the belly. It has adjustable shoulder straps that provide amazing support to the bomosage area!The underbust cut of this pattern has been refined, and fits beautifully around the bottom curve of bras.Hoods are attached at neckline and hang beautifully down the back when not worn up. We now include extra back boning as a standard in all of our pieces!

The Vixen pattern is still one of our very best selling patterns, year after year, both at festivals AND online.

*This does not include the blouse or skirt, but they can be purchased separately in my shop.

*This corset is boned in 7 strategic places, using double-thickness European spring steel on the sides and back and fiberglass rods dipped in rubber up the front (for totally flat belly and perfect posture).

*Contact me with any questions you have, and I'll try to get back to you within a day. I don't offer refunds, but I will do exchanges or alterations for a small fee. I'm happy to work with my customers to make sure they're happy.

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