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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Cropped Utility Vixen with Pockets in Red Dotty- As-Is

$ 75.00 $ 149.00

**Note!** This batch got sewn in two separate days and apparently my communication wasn't top notch, so the pieces of webbing with the hooks that come out of the corset are dark brown and the pieces of webbing that come up out of the pockets are black..... *sigh*  It's not really noticeable when you have your outfit all together, as you can see from the pictures, but I do have a shred of dignity left! They are here for HALF OFF! Enjoy!

*Second Note!* If you are ever unsure on your size for these, whether you should go up a size or down a size, it seems that it's always good to go a size up because even if they aren't being layered over another corset, they would still need to be a little bit more of a "vest style" fit worn alone.

This is a cropped version of our Vixen Corset (still built with metal boning to be sturdy and structural!) that features sturdy snaphooks that latch onto a pocket on each side. The pockets are big enough to fit pretty much any phone..maybe a can of pop.....some snacks, you get the idea! They hang specifically so that they are easy to get to, but not so low that they swing around in your way. 


*Cropped Vixens Sizing Chart
-XS: Rib cage 26 to 28"/Corset Waist 22"to 25"
-S: Rib cage 28 to 30"/ Corset Waist 26" to 27"
-M: Rib Cage 30 to 32"/Corset Waist 28" to 30"
-M/L: Rib Cage 33 to 35"/ Corset Waist 31" to 33"
-L: Rib Cage 36 to 38"/ Corset Waist 34" to 37"
-L/XL: Rib Cage 38 to 40"/Corset Waist 38 to 40"
-XL: Rib Cage 40 to 42"/Corset Waist 41 to 43"

-XXL: Rib Cage 43 to 45"/Corset Waist 43 to 45"

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