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Cropped Corsair Vest in "Pays to be Paisley" - Peppermint Parlor Collection

$ 159.00

*NOTE!* Please notice that this is for the cropped top vest-style corset piece ONLY. You can buy the underbust to layer perfectly with it in our shop!

**I LOVE getting you the perfect fit up top!!  If you love this, but you need a size that is just a bit smaller than one of these, I would be glad to alter it for you for free. I will alter for free up to 3 inches smaller. Any more than that, and you'll have to pay the alteration fee, because it gets all sorts of crazy. ;) Just leave a note in the comments at checkout where I can see it, and I will take care of that for you. No note, no alteration. 


*The size on these is measured by pulling the corset taut and pushing out the bust curves so we can get an accurate measurement of how it curves out and around. Please remember that the measurement range is because we are allowing up to two inches of a gap (e.g. a 40-42 Bust would bit a 40 Bust completely closed and on a 42" bust, it would have a 2 inch gap in the front.)

*When measuring your own bust, hold a measuring tape around the very fullest part of your bust. If you fall in between sizes, I ALWAYS recommend going UP ONE SIZE. :)

*If you plan on layering the corset over another piece, as shown in the picture, PLEASE follow the following size chart.
Bust Measurement of Corset/Corset Waist Size that the Piece Layers Over
32, 33, 34"/ 23, 24, 25"
35, 36"/26, 27"
37, 38"/28, 29"
39, 40"/30, 31, 32"
41, 42, 43"/ 33, 34, 35"
44, 45"/36, 37"
46, 47, 48"/ 38, 39, 40"
49, 50, 51, "/ 41, 43, 43"
53, 54"/ 44, 45"

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