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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Aurora Corset in Princess Blue Tendrils

$ 189.00

Based off of the design of Aurora's black bodice that she wears in the forest in the original “Sleeping Beauty”, this corset makes for a stunning silhouette! It laces all the way up the front, cutting off with a slight “V” in the top of the neckline. You can lace up to where the V starts, or you can lace it up all the way, depending on your body shape. This DOES make it very versatile for different breast shapes!   I do want to say that this is best for medium to long bodied women, and if you are very short (under 5'2”) there might be better pieces for you. :)



- 9 pieces of boning, including our signature fiberglass rods up front -NEW style of back side pieces, with the 1/2” wide thicker boning, for more back support -stays up remarkable well, even without straps.

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