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Aurora Corset in Clover Street #1 - The Ivy & Oak Collection

$ 219.00



Based off of the design of Aurora's black bodice that she wears in the forest in the original “Sleeping Beauty”, this corset makes for a stunning silhouette! It laces all the way up the front, cutting off with a slight “V” in the top of the neckline. You can lace up to where the V starts, or you can lace it up all the way, depending on your body shape. This DOES make it very versatile for different breast shapes!   I do want to say that this is best for medium to long bodied women, and if you are very short (under 5'2”) there might be better pieces for you. :)

THIS version includes crossfire straps over the top in the same way the Aurora X has fabric straps... hence the very original name... again...

*When measuring! Measure your high waist, usually above the belly button or around the smallest  part. Hold measuring tape as snug as possible, and that gives you an idea of how much "squish" your own unique shape has! (However, if you know for a fact that you are blessed either in the bust area or the hips area, I always recommend adding an inch to this squeezed tight size. We want everything to fit everywhere!)

* Keep in mind that our corsets some in size "ranges"! When we say that a corset will fit a 35-37" waist, for example, this means that the ACTUAL corset itself measures 35 inches when pulled taut. However, you could also wear that 35" if you had a 36" or a 37" waist, it would just have a small gap in the lacings!


- 9 pieces of boning, including our signature fiberglass rods up front -NEW style of back side pieces, with the 1/2” wide thicker boning, for more back support -stays up remarkable well, even without straps.

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