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Men's Flynn Vest in Purple & Black Scroll Medallion "The Violet Hour" Collection

$ 289.00

These vests are listed by WAIST SIZE and correspond to that measurement. We do this because these are boned with sturdy spring steel in 5 places and they do have a slight corset effect. The actual VEST itself measures the higher number in the range (e.g. a size 38-40" waist measures an actual waist of 40. This is the opposite of the women's corsets! )

I should mention that I specifically made the mens vests so that I could easily alter them IN if they need to be a little bit smaller.  Measure around your belly button, not around where you wear your jeans. ;) Don't hold the measuring tape too tight. You want this to be a fairly relaxed measurement..  I DO recommend that if you are more broad through the shoulders, you order a size up. 

 *These vest are very easy to fit because they are structured, they lace up, and they look GORGEOUS just open and not even laced up as well!

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