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Flynn Vest in Ringmaster Red

$ 199.00 $ 259.00

These vests are listed by WAIST SIZE and correspond to that measurement. Be sure that you measure around your BELLY, rather than going to jeans size. Literally, just measure around where your belly button is, and stay within the measurements and you should be good to go! 

*I should mention that I specifically made the mens vests so that I could easily alter them IN if they need to be a little bit smaller. There is an alterations page where you can order what you would like and we can custom fit this bad boy to you! 

*Boned in 5 places with spring steel boning and MEGA thick spring steel boning up the front. The flat shape of it is working better on men, so we are switching to those for right now, instead of our fiberglass rods. 

 *These vest are very easy to fit because they are structured, they lace up, and they look GORGEOUS just open and not even laced up as well!


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