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Queenie Corseted Coat in Purple and Black Medallion *with Lace Trim! - Lucid Dreams Collection

$ 429.00 $ 499.00

*HUGE IMPORTANT NOTE!*  These cannot be altered.  The seams where the pleated skirt meets the corset are SO thick that they physically cannot be taken in. When they are l laying flat and sewn like normal, it's fine, but if you had to fold it and alter it down....*shudder*  I will be making more of this coat in more sizes. Wait for the right size to come around!

*This Corset will fit the measurement range stated. The smaller measurement is what the corset itself measures, and would come completely closed for a waist that size. The two extra inches allow for having a gap in the lacings.

*WAIST: measure at the very smallest point, a little above the belly button, holding the measuring tape super tightly!

The base of this Corset is our Vixen pattern, with adjustable shoulder straps, long, curving lines that are universally flattering to many shapes of women, and sturdy boning to hold your body in place exactly where you dream! (You know...that whole, flat tummy, perky chest, great posture, strong shoulders thing? Yeah. Here you go. You're welcome.)

 *Skirt is about 37" long in the back, but starts low, as all of our corsets come lower down on the hips. It is a pleated, glamorously shaped sewn in skirt that has ONE big deep side seam pocket! 

*This corset is boned in 7 strategic places, using double-thickness European spring steel on the sides and back and fiberglass rods dipped in rubber up the front (for totally flat belly and perfect posture).

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