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Birch Courtier in Plum and Silver Medallion *PLEASE order by Bust Measurement* - Lucid Dreams Collection

$ 269.00
This is our our Cropped Courtier pattern, with curving, supportive underbust lines, and a longer length on the rib cage so it manages to slim you rather than cut you off at that "maternity" clothing level.   It has a long, sloping, leaf shaped skirt sewn in and creates a romantic silhouette!

*These are NOT able to be altered.  I love you all so much, but I simply cannot alter this in the same way that I can do with my other products! Be sure to buy the correct size the first time! 

*When measuring for these pieces: PLEASE remember that these go by bust measurement. We have a lot of people that forget and order by their corset size (which is a tight waist measurement.)  Just measure around the fullest  part of your bust and if you know that you are larger through the waist and hips, go up a size. If you are smaller through the waist (compared to your bustline) then you would maybe size slightly down (like an inch is what we're talking about!) 

Bust Measurement of Corset/Corset Waist Size that the Piece Layers Over
32, 33,"/ 23, 24, 25"
34, 35"/26, 27"
36, 37"/28, 29"
38, 39"/30, 31, 32"
40, 41/ 33, 34, 35"
42, 43, 44"/36, 37"
45, 46, 47"/ 38, 39, 40"
48, 49"/ 41, 43, 43"

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