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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Valkyrie Overbust in Cerulean Penny

$ 199.00 $ 229.00


This is our cropped Courtier pattern with slightly longer side seams and a little bit lower of a curve in the back, which then cascades out into a sensational draping ruffle!  It looks breathtaking from all angles, and is a wonderful piece for layering! This has a sweetheart neckline adjustable shoulder straps, and marvelous fit through the chest, seeing as it still features still boning throughout for lift and support!

*For measuring, just be sure to measure around the fullest part of your chest, with the bra that you will be wearing. ( I do recommend bras as a foundation garment for these because the boning might tend to rub against sensitive skin without that additional barrier.)  If you KNOW for a fact that you have a much larger chest to waist ratio, then you might consider sizing down(Let's say you measured at 41 inches and your waist is 27". First off, lucky! Second off, order one that says it will fit a 39-41", INSTEAD of a 41-43").  Additionally, if you have a larger rib cage, you might size up instead, just to ensure that you will have enough breathing room.  These aren't hard, and once you get the exact sizing down, you are good to go with ordering cropped pieces!! 

 *If you are DYING to have this piece but it's a little bit in the size available, I will gladly alter this piece down for you!  Just purchase the "Bust Only" Alteration from that section of our website and we will take care of it for you! It's best if you purchase them at the same time, but if you forget, you can go back in and make the purchase for the alteration and leave me a note at checkout about what item it is for! Here to serve you! 



Bust Measurement of Corset/Corset Waist Size that the Piece Layers Over
34, 35"/26, 27"
36, 37"/28, 29"
38, 39"/30, 31, 32"
40, 41/ 33, 34, 35"
42, 43, 44"/36, 37"
45, 46, 47"/ 38, 39, 40"
48, 49"/ 41, 43, 43"

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