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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Torian Corset with Hipster Panels in Apple Cider Plaid

$ 109.00 $ 149.00

*This is a classic underbust corset that is especially good for taller women and longer bodies. I have found it to fit well on most everyone except if you are a lot shorter through the torso or maybe are 5'2" and under.  It has long curving S-shaped Hourglass lines, extra back boning, and simply stunning shaping, enhancing, and whittling powers! 

*The Torian Corset is a longer length underbust than our Wench, with 12 inch long boning on the sides, and 15 inch long in the back. It's beautiful shaping lines have made it an absolute favorite among our customers.

*Cuts of crocodile faux leather on the hips, trimmed out by metal post buttons. It's an homage to beautiful shoes and handbags, and this detailing is SERIOUSLY slimming. Because of how the pieces are placed, it makes the waist look smaller and exaggerates the hourglass shape. 

*If you're going for a very straight-lined look with these corsets, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing this option with your order:

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