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Sage Diamond Cropped Vixen with Utility Hooks - RI1

$ 49.00 $ 95.00

This is our Cropped Vixen, made with a slight bit more length so they go down to right underneath the rib cage (at least where most of you have that last rib. I know some of you are Unicorns!). These layer GORGEOUSLY over out under OR overbust corsets, and depending on the shape you have and want, you can wear them alone as well! ;) (I know I wore them when I was pregnant!) This is the reason I have the size chart below.  

*These Cropped Pieces have Utility Hooks, BUT, I hecking ran out of the fabric before I got pockets cut out to match them. Therefore, a reason for this insanely cheap pricing. ;) Once again, pockets NOT included. 


*I DO recommend lovingly that you go UP a size on this if you are not quite sure. Additionally, if you wear your corset with a gap in the middle (let's say you are a 32 corset size, and you have a 2 inch gap....that means you are probably going to want a size L HERE, because it's for a 34 inch waist.Just...uh...mind the gap? 

*Cropped Vixens Sizing Chart

-XS: Rib cage 26 to 28"/Corset Waist 22"to 25"
-S: Rib cage 28 to 30"/ Corset Waist 26" to 27"
-M: Rib Cage 30 to 32"/Corset Waist 28" to 30"
-M/L: Rib Cage 33 to 35"/ Corset Waist 31" to 33"
-L: Rib Cage 36 to 38"/ Corset Waist 34" to 37"
-L/XL: Rib Cage 38 to 40"/Corset Waist 38 to 40"
-XL: Rib Cage 40 to 42"/Corset Waist 41 to 43"

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