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Damsel in this Dress Corsets

Gryffindor Adventure Vixen Corset - RD1

$ 75.00 $ 169.00

This our classic Vixen pattern, built with long length, a dashing little collar, sweeping curving lines to whittle the waist, EXTRA back boning (standard in all of our new versions) and a perfect cut to push up the bustline and frame it perfectly! These ones have curving panels of fabric adhered to the outside, stitched down snugly, and outlined in swashbuckling buttons! ;) 

*Boned in a total of 7 places, with a mixture of our signature rubber-dipped fiberglass rods in the front, as well as European double thickness/extra rigid spring steel boning on the sides, back, and extra back pieces! 

*Keep in mind that the SIZING of these is done by measuring the smallest part of the corset, pulled very taut, like it would be on a body. This is the most accurate measuring we can do, since it would be so easy to sloppily measure if we just laid a measuring tape on it without pulling it.  For YOU, the customer, as long as you measure your own waist snugly, and please remember that we love you and want to work with you, everything should turn out perfectly!

*The smaller of the two numbers on the sizing is the measurement of the corset itself. We allow for a two inch gap up the front. (e.g. a 30-32 corset measures 30 inches at the waist, and it would have a 2 inch gap on someone with a 32 inch waist!)

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