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Full Outfit "SECOND BREAKFAST CLUB" #13- Includes Greta Corset, Leaf Sleeve Blouse & Hobbit Length Tulip Skirt

$ 259.00 $ 377.00

*This is for the FULL OUTFIT that you see pictured! This Set includes:

-Charlotte Blouse in Cream sturdy poly broadcloth. Blouse is loose and handkerchief hemmed, with an elegant drape and flow. The sleeves come down to gently pointed "leaf" shapes on both sides, just past the elbow. The fabric is very sturdy and industrial, yet lightweight.  Retail would be $79 normally

-Hobbit Length Tulip Skirt. These Skirts are knife-pleated along the front and drawstring through the back. They are 35-36" long, and would be ankle length on a 5'5" frame. This length is easy to wear and unlikely to drag along the ground! Skirt fabric is sturdy cotton drapery. Retail price would be $99

The Greta Corset is the exact same pattern as our Vixen, BUT I cut out the collar and notched the back down into a square neckline. I really REALLY proto-typed and worked the lines of this pattern, changing them here and there by just fractions of an inch. I'm very dedicated to fit and quality, and even though the "square" of the back isn't as wide as I would like it to be VISUALLY, the wider straps and the depth and width of the neckline DID stay on beautifully, and more importantly, they physically FELT anchored properly! Retail $199

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