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Unicorn Embroidered Black Tendrils Sgt. Pepper Vest - RA1

$ 135.00


 *These vests are true Unicorns!!  I was blessed to work with my aunt who owns her own business doing professional embroidery (Forget me Knot Embroidery) and she worked with me to pick out the colors of thread for these amazing pieces! They took a ton of work on her part and a ton of work on my part, and I'm pleased to bring them to you! If they do well, we will do more in the future. It's always scary to try something new and different! 

*Inspired by my love for the Beatles and my old band jacket from high school, these vests have a decidedly “colonial rock star” feel to them. I personally have about 10 of them in my costume collection, and I'm going to just keep making more. They layer and change the look of our pieces so seamlessly!

Vest Size Chart:
XS-Corset Size of 22 to 25"/women's size 2, 4
S-Corset Size of 26 to 28"/women's size 4, 6, 8
M-Corset Size of 29 to 32"/women's size 10, 12
L-Corset Size of 33 to 36"/women's size 14, 16
XL-Corset size of 37 to 40"/women's size 18, 20
XXL-Corset size of 41 to 44”/women's size 22, 24, 26

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