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Bloomettes with Ties in Rustic Brown - Fast and Furiosa Collection

$ 69.00
I made it so there is a little tiny opening where the elastic around the legs would normally be sewn up, and you can ADJUST the length of ribbon to fit around your specific measurement of thighs by pulling the ribbon snug, looping it, and knotting it. You should be able to make it anywhere from 28" around each thigh down to 18" ish inches.
It also depends on how "poofy" you want these things. If you want them to have puffed out pumpkin pants energy, you will want to slide the ribbon higher up your leg. If you want them to just sit right above the knee and look more fitted, you could do that as well!
The inseam is 10.5" on these babies. The outer seam is 23.5"  They have a pleated front waistline and they are drawstring through the back! Brilliant!!

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