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The "Grapes of Wrath" Collection

Proudly presented by Damsel in this Dress

Luxurious plum and purple toned steel boned, handmade corsets that will whittle your waist, correct your posture, and help you stand tall and powerful!

For the week of March 9th, 2023, we indulged in decadent plum and purple tones, ranging all up and down the color spectrum! Purple Lovers, REJOICE!

Styling Tips:

Our Iridescent paisley fabric is the kind of fabric who simply gets along with everyone. If you look very very closely, it's made from two colors of thread running against the grain along each other. One color is sort of a coppery color, and the other thread is a very richly blue purple tone.

Fabrics with shine like this ALWAYS play nice with other costume pieces. If you are looking to layer and match, look no further! Speaking of layering, this outfit consists of 7 Pieces:

-Tulip Skirt in Plum Falling Leaves

-Deluxe 2 Layer Peplum Ruffle

-Wench Corset

-Cropped Courtier (overbust)

-Detachable Arwen Sleeves

-Plum Velvet Blouse